December 2021 26
9g Micro Server (SG9) performance
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

When making a pan/tilt mount *link & article pending* for my PiRover robot, I ran into some issues with badly jittering servos. Following some suggestions on the excellent YouTube video from Gary Explains, did not

November 2021 21
Pi Rover Robot #3: Web Interface Driving
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

All code in this example is included in the GitHub repository. As the core libraries are likely to be expanded, an archive of code associated with this blog post is at blogArchive/post3. The driving test

August 2021 30
Pi Rover Robot #1 – Basic build
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

For the background of this project, see the main page. This details the basics from getting the hardware together and making a robot that can do a very basic driving demo. Hardware A full inventory

February 2021 07
Raspberry Pi: IR Remote and Python
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Small infrared remotes are a cheap way to add a level of remote control to a Raspberry Pi project. The one pictured below was under £5 (from Everything Pi) for the remote and IR receiver