August 2020 04
Project: A Micro:bit calculator
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Using a 4×4 keypad and a 16×2 LCD screen, can you construct a simple calculator? Step 1: Connect up the hardware. Review the notes on keypads and LCD screens, make sure you understand how they

May 2020 25
Project: Rotary Encoder & Servo
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Can we control a servo with a rotary encoder? Can we make it turn in the same direction as we turn the rotary encoder? What could we attach to the servo arm? Perhaps use this

May 2020 07
Project: Neopixel game
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Given what we have learned about controlling the joystick and neopixel hardware in Micro:bit Joystick Module and Micro:bit Neopixels, can we construct a simple game? We need to consider the hardware, animation, random position generation