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Astronomy: Andromeda

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Andromeda, Princess Of Ethiopia, is a autumn constellation containing the most impressive galaxy to observe and image. It sits between Perseus and Pegasus, adjacent to Cassiopeia and pointed at by the right side of the W. It never fully goes below the horizon but is mostly hidden or to low to observe in the spring and early summer.

MonthVisibility MonthVisibility
MarchVery lowSeptemberVisible
AprilNot visible / on horizonOctoberVisible / peak
MayNot visible / on horizonNovemberVisible
JuneNot visible / on horizonDecemberVisible

Objects to observe

NameCatalogue NumbersType of objectDescriptionMagNotes/seen
Almaak / AlmachHIP 9640, SAO 37734Double star‘Beautiful’ double star. Actually a quad.2.15
Andromeda GalaxyM31GalaxyLarge spiral galaxy3.5
M32M32GalaxyDwarf elliptical galaxy hidden in outer dust of M318.08
M110M110GalaxyDwarf elliptical galaxy, just above M31, commonly in same view/image8.0
NGC 752NGC 752Open clusterContains a number of different coloured stars5.7
The Silver Silver GalaxyNGC 891GalaxyAn edge on galaxy10.1
NGC 956NGC 956Open cluster8.9
Blue SnowballNGC 7662Planetary nebula8.3
NGC 7686NGC 7686Open clusterA very sparse open cluster5.6

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