May 2020 18
Post 6
Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

Apologies for not posting over the weekend. I have been very busy training Cloud and helping out becaust the riding school is back open. The virus never really hit Jorvik so Dundull Stables Riding School

May 2020 15
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Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

With the three day event coming up, I am mainly riding Cloud to keep him fit and ready for the show. However, he gets bored easily if we keep to the school so we need

May 2020 14
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Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

The riding school needs all the help they can get so I gave one of their ponies, Foxy, some exercise in the school this morning and lunged my Chincoteague Pony, Dawn. In the afternoon I

May 2020 13
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Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

It’s Wednesday so I went to volunteer at the rescue centre on South Hoof between 8am and 11am. There is a new horse in from the wild— his name is Spirit of course! He was

May 2020 12
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Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

Some of the riding school ponies were being exercised in the big school so once Maya and I had sorted my horses out, I hacked my connemara Cloud Nine (named after the Riverdale Pony Stories)

May 2020 11
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Posted By : Lauren Hartburn

I am really exited about my first ever Star Stable blog post. It took a while to get it working but I am definetly pleased with the result. I was watching Blue in the field