March 2023 10
ThingsBoard, Python, MQTT and Gateways
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

MQTT is a lightweight communication platform, ideal for messaging between servers and IoT devices. ThingsBoard is a powerful IoT platform which supports device provisioning and telemetry logging via MQTT. One very useful feature is the

August 2020 22
ThingsBoard: Setting up mail alerts
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

As well as graphing, wouldn’t it be useful if ThingsBoard could send a mail alert when a particular parameter for a device goes above/blow a threshold, or when telemetry has not been received for a

August 2020 14
ThingsBoard Data Hacking
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Thingsboard is a great IoT logging platform, however some management of data can be impossible to do from the GUI and can get annoying. The following database hacks provide a workaround to some of the