May 2020 07
Project: Neopixel game
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

Given what we have learned about controlling the joystick and neopixel hardware in Micro:bit Joystick Module and Micro:bit Neopixels, can we construct a simple game? We need to consider the hardware, animation, random position generation

May 2020 06
Micro:bit Neopixels
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

NeoPixels are Adafruit’s brand of individually addressable RGB LEDs. However the name has become common use to describe most kinds of WS2812 (and similar) LED arrays. Each LED can have it’s colour set individually using

May 2020 03
Micro:bit Joystick Module
Posted By : Dave Hartburn

These small joystick modules are composed of a single switch (triggered when pushing down), and two potentiometers set by moving the X and Y axis. As well as two power pins, it has three ouput