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Post 6

Apologies for not posting over the weekend. I have been very busy training Cloud and helping out becaust the riding school is back open. The virus never really hit Jorvik so Dundull Stables Riding School decided to open back up. Lots of my horses are used in the lessons, with the exception of Cloud until after the event, and Silverspirit, who has gone mildly lame and is on pasture rest. The weekends are always busy and this one was even busier so I barely had time to ride let alone post. I heard that Goldenleaf Stables will be opening back up soon so I should be able to fo and get my youngster, Chance, who has been stuck there since this all began.

Post 4

The riding school needs all the help they can get so I gave one of their ponies, Foxy, some exercise in the school this morning and lunged my Chincoteague Pony, Dawn. In the afternoon I took Cloud Nine for some cross country practice in the woods, which we both enjoyed and then went for a hack on my wonderful, beautiful Silverspirit, the first horse I ever owned. I know that I definately wouldn’t be able to exercise four horses in one day every day. It is hard work!

Post 3

It’s Wednesday so I went to volunteer at the rescue centre on South Hoof between 8am and 11am. There is a new horse in from the wild— his name is Spirit of course! He was picked up on Sunday limping badly but after some care he has recovered pretty quickly and is due to be released back into the wild next week. Maybe I will be allowed to help?

After lunch I took Cloud on a hack. The leg yield is fine now, all we need is practice. His white and green saddlecloths are being kept clean until the event so we are using a glittery blue one. At least we’re noticed…

Post 2

Some of the riding school ponies were being exercised in the big school so once Maya and I had sorted my horses out, I hacked my connemara Cloud Nine (named after the Riverdale Pony Stories) over to the little jumping paddock down the road. It meant we had to do the entire session in hi-vis but that was fine. We have been training for the Jorvegian Pony Club three day event, which, it has been confermed, will still go ahead in early June. Cloud jumped like a dream as always but we need to do some more work on his leg yield. I will hack him tomorrow and do some more schooling then.