Once they start, club lessons will take place every Saturday at 10:30. There will be lessons specificly in dressage, cross country, showjumping and jump off, and also lessons aimed at getting bonded as a club. The attire for lessons should be practical but not to showy, e.g. riding jacket or back protector rather than blazer for dressage lessons.


Is whoever is leading the lesson says “herd” into the chat, everybody should get behind them and follow them.

Leg Yield:
There is no leg yield in Star Stable so I have found a way to sort of do it: turn about 45 degrees in the direction that you want to leg yield then turn your horse straight and repeat this until you are facing straight where you want to be. This does not work very well in walk and works best in trot.

20-metre Circle:
Start on the track, then, just before reaching half way along, turn and ride around a quater of the riding arena or half of the open house dressage arena. Once you have a feel for the size, you should be able to ride this in any part of the school, not just the corner.

10-metre Circle:
Same as 20-metre, but taking up one eigth of the riding arena and one quater of the open house dressage arena.

Sharp Turns:
When making a sharp turn in the jump off, press X while your horse is in the air and it should slow you down enough to make most turns.