Hightower Farm Rescue Centre

Welcome to Hightower Farm, a family-run rehoming centre that cares for equids, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep and chickens. We are located on South Hoof Peninsula and work in close partnership with Birk’s Grange, Starshine Ranch and the Jorvik Rangers.

“Our aim is to give animals in need a second chance in life, and to give owners who are forced to part from their pet the secutity that they will be well looked after and cared for. We never put down a healthy animal— animals are only put down if it is a truly worst case scenario. We also look after injured or ill wild horses, most of which we are able to return to the wild. Our animals are put out on permenant loan rather than sold so that we are always there to offer support to the new owner and the animal can always come back to us should circumstances change. We also take on as many volunteers as we can, not only to help us but to improve their own quality of life. It is my belief that there is no experience more rewarding than helping an animal find its forever home.” Says founder Hugh Hightower.

Where to find us:
We are located on South Hoof Peninsula, following the road from the ferry landing.